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Suitable for the following Renault models:

Renault KANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_) / KANGOO BE BOP (KW0/1_) / KANGOO Express (FW0/1_) / MASTER II Bus (JD) / MASTER II Kasten (FD) / MASTER II Pritsche/Fahrgestell (ED/HD/UD) / MEGANE II (BM0/1_, CM0/1_) / MEGANE II Coup

-Cabriolet (EM0/1_) / MEGANE II Grandtour (KM0/1_) / MEGANE II Stufenheck (LM0/1_) / SCENIC II (JM0/1_) / TRAFIC II Bus (JL) / TRAFIC II Kasten (FL) / TRAFIC II itsche/Fahrgestell (EL)

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