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TIS-Web is an online tachograph data management service which is supplied with one storage block (SB) of internet storage space when the account is first opened. One SB is equivalent to 232 driving days, one driver card archive per month for 1 driver and vehicle unit archives once every two months for 1 vehicle per year. (Additional SB's will be required when the initial storage space is used up).

Storage block pricing is an extremely flexible, economic and advantageous to users, particularly if they use part time or agency drivers.

TIS-Web supports multiple users and depots, no software licence costs and FREE automatic upgrades.

Five Reasons To Buy TIS-Web:

1. TIS-Web allows for low set up costs with Pay As You Go charges, as the storage block pricing is based on usage and is extremely flexible and economical.

You can also choose to pay for your TIS-Web usage using the Direct Debit method of payment which works out cheaper than the Pay As You Go option.

For further details about Direct Debit payment, please contact:

TIS Support team on 0121 725 1312

2. No software licence costs and F.O.C. automatic updates.

3. Easy to use Graphical User Interface ensuring that the downloading of data to the TIS-Web account and the production of reports is managed in an easy to follow format.

4. TIS-Web can be easily modified to match the fleet's organisational requirements and to comply with national regulations including download time intervals, duration of archiving periods, type of infringement reports etc.

5. Using a Remote Download Device (DLD), the data from the DTCO and Driver Card, can be directly downloaded into TIS-Web.
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