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The unique feature of the Downloadterminal Pro is the ability to view the Driver Card data or Mass Memory file, which is stored on the Downloadkey, directly after the data has been downloaded to the Downloadterminal ProI. Therefore the Downloadterminal allows basic evaluation of the download data (driver and vehicle information) and you can inspect the data in accordance with the EU legislation.

The simple to use keypad and large 3.5" TFT - colour display (with clear menu function and graphic symbols) allows the driver or fleet operative to navigate through the menu in an uncomplicated way.

The Downloadterminal Pro also offers a reminder function indicating when a Driver Card or Mass Memory download is required.

The Downloadterminal can be used in different operating modes. Therefore it is possible to download a driver card or transfer data from a Downloadkey at anytime and to view the data without the requirement of a PC.

Not only can the data be transferred to the PC using a USB stick, but also directly via USB cable or network (LAN) connection. So the import and further processing of the download data is significantly simplified.

The robust design of the Downloadterminal Pro makes it very suitable for operation in a fleet environment and it can be adapted without additional components for usage as table or wall mounted.

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